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Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful home purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may be life-changing. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or if you’re looking for an investment property, contact us.

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Alternatives To Foreclosures

Posted by Mayi Nelson // July 2, 2017

A downturn in your financial situation can leave you with few solutions that do not require foreclosure or filing for bankruptcy. However, before you resort to these methods, it is important to look at all your options especially if you want to maintain a good credit record and you want to preserve your chances of […]

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Foreclosure Guidelines In Georgia

Posted by Mayi Nelson // July 2, 2017

Foreclosure can be a scary thought. This is why it is best to understand what this is and the time frame for it. Here are a few things you will want to know so you can be prepared if this ever happens to you. How Long Does it Take? The truth is that the foreclosure […]

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Real Estate Lead Generation 101

Posted by Mayi Nelson // February 17, 2016

What are the best real estate lead generation options today? Where and how can real estate agents, investors and other related industry professionals generate more leads for buying, selling and renting properties? What are some of the little known benefits, and pitfalls of common real estate lead generation channels today? Here are 12 ways for real estate […]

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In working with Mayi I found him to be an exceptional professional who pays strict attention to detail, especially with unique requirements of his clients. He listens to your changing needs and when compiling property listings is able to deliver which eases the decision-making process as he knows the market. He keeps you informed every step of the way, and immediately responds to any concerns which may come along with a viable solution. With his ongoing determination and professionalism, he obtains satisfying results and is always readily available regardless of your location. I couldn’t be happier working with Mayi and I certainly recommend and refer him to others without hesitation. ~ M. Redman


If I had a choice everyone I worked with would be carbon copy of Mayi Nelson.  If you want honesty, great work ethic, sensitivity, dedication, and professionalism, then Mr. Mayi Nelson is your man.  He will be straight with you and never cut corners at your expense. You can count on him to get things done with you watching over him or not. In working with him it was so nice to have that complete trust and not worry about anything if I were away. That is a great quality to have when you are investing in someone. He will be a magnificent for anyone to work with because he will consider your needs and wants and will provide you with a service that will make you not want to work with anyone else but him. One last thing about Mayi Nelson that I feel is crucial is that he very adaptable.  No matter the situation, he always adjusts for the client or whoever he is working with. Not many people have this quality and that is why I will always suggest to everyone that Mayi Nelson is “your man”. ~D. Dumas

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